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----- Carbon Cored Wire -----

Detailed Introduction


Product name: Carbon

Type: Pure carbon

Melting point: 3553℃more than 6422°F

Density under 20℃68°F: 2.30g/cm3



Carbon plays very important role for keeping the steel physical and chemical properties. It is mainly for keeping the steel strength. In reverse, Carbon adding reduces the steel toughness and weldability. Carbon content in the steel after smelting and refining is required to maintain around certain value. Feed Carbon cored wire can reach the final carbon content required by the steel. Carbon has low density and it is easy to suspend on the steel slag surface and thus burning waste happens. Carbon cored wire can be fed to the ladle bottom to avoid material waste and it can be dissolved in steel quickly and uniformly. The cored wire can also be used for components minor adjustment of low carbon steel.

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