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----- Sulfur Cored Wire -----

Detailed Introduction


Product name: Sulfur

Type: pure sulfur

Melting point: 119300°F

Boiling point: 444832°F

Density under 2068°F: 2.05g/cm3



Sulfur is considered as a kind of harmful impurity and it is controlled as low as possible while steel-making.

Although sulfur has some negative effects, it is often used to improve the machinability of steel and it can also reduce the tool wear.

The solubility of sulfur in the steel is relatively low. The main purpose of sulfur in the liquid steel is the formation of a particular ingredient or complex inclusions to improve the steel machinability. Sulfur is usually added to the liquid steel in the form of pure sulfur, iron sulfur or pyrite. Because the density and boiling point of sulfur is pretty low, feeding sulfur wire is a kind of effective way to add the sulfur.


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