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----- CaSi Cored Wire -----

Detailed Introduction


Product Name: CaSi

Type: CaSi alloy cored wire

Melting point: 10101670°F

Density under 2068°F: 2.40g/cm3



The active element in CaSi is calcium. For aluminum-silicon-killed steels, Calcium treatment by CaSi is normally cheaper than by pure Calcium products. For the molten steel, calcium treatment is a must.

Calcium is used to transform alumina into low melting point calcium-aluminates, avoiding nozzle clogging as well as to control the shape of oxide and sulfide inclusions. During the course of deoxidation and inclusion transformation, efficient calcium treatment plays a very critical role.

With advantages as below:

Eliminate alumina nozzle clogging, spheroidize oxide and sulphide inclusions which increases the tranverse toughness and strength of steel. Improve steel purity.


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