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----- CaFe Cored Wire -----

Detailed Introduction


Product name: CaFe

Type: cored wires with Calcium and Fe powder mixture

Melting point: 8391558°F

Boiling point: 14842703°F


Application: The active element in CaFe is calcium. The Ca+Fe mixture are used for Al-killed steel treatment to avoid silicon addition. Due to its low density, low boiling point and high oxidability, calcium needs to be released near the ladle bottom in order to have the best recovery. Cored-wire is the most effective way to achieve this result. Calcium is used to transform alumina into low melting point calcium-aluminates, avoiding nozzle clogging as well as to control the shape of oxide and sulfide inclusions. During the course of deoxidation and inclusion transformation, efficient calcium treatment plays a very critical role.

With advantages as below:

Eliminate alumina nozzle clogging, spheroidize oxide and sulphide inclusions which increases the tranverse toughness and strength of steel. Improve steel purity.


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